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"The union of a bride and groom is one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime, though it can be a little stressful.

Our goal is to reduce your stress level while capturing wonderful memories for you to enjoy for years to come.

While we do group family and friends together for the more traditional formal shots, much focus is placed on capturing the casual and spontaneous images that tell the whole story. We donít just photograph people, we photograph love and relationships.

We truly feel blessed to share in this special time of your life."

John began his professional career photographing nature, particularly marine life, and producing an array of stunning underwater images. Now he is known nationally for his movie stills, which can be seen on the film's posters and DVD covers. Having worked with 12 movie productions, the most recent projects include two Will Ferrell films: Everything Must Go, a well-received indie drama to be released this May 2011, and Casa de Mi Padre, a comedy-parody of Spanish-language telenovelas. When John isn't traveling to a movie set, he gives brides the "star" treatment with extensive wedding photography services. His work has recently been seen on the cover of Southern Bride magazine and Sense magazine.

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